The Lipolaser has been designed for the removal of superfluous fat, skin firming and toning, without any surgical interventions. It emits a low-energy laser beam, that generates a chemical stimulus to fat cells, breaking down the stored triglycerides in free fatty acids and glycerol, which are removed through channels in the cell membranes of fat cells. Fatty acids and glycerol are next transferred to the entire body tissues that use them in the metabolism course in order to produce energy. This procedure of fatty acids release is the natural reaction of the human body, when it needs the stored energy. Thus, the lipolaser does not cause an abnormal reaction of the human body, neither harms the surrounding structures of the skin, such as the skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves. A few minutes of physical exercise immediately after the treatment, stimulate the reduced metabolism and, therefore, the removal of free fatty acids from the human body.

It is a treatment that leaves no marks or scars, no compression of the affected areas is required, continuous fat loss is achieved for many days and weeks after the treatment, and there are no adverse reactions.

It dissolves fat, thins down the body, removes cellulite, there is a reduce of size in certain body areas, and lower levels of obesity and the activation of the metabolism are achieved.

6 treatment sessions are required, which, at a frequency of 3 sessions/week, are performed in 2 weeks.


ECOCELL is a machine which creates an air pocket continuous or pulsatory.It is the only machine which uses laser technology.

It achieves:

Lipolysis by rearrangement and breaking of the fatty cells

Improvement of the edemas

Inolysis and reconstruction of tissues

Reconstruction of tissues

Exfoliation of superficial cells

Adjustment of vascular and lymphatic circulation

Egestion of toxins and metabolic dregs

Production of collagen and elastin by activating the fibroplasts mechanically and thermoenergetically ( laser )

Boosting,tightening and improvement of transpiration of the skin

About 15 sessions with a frequency of 2/week are required for very good results.