What is BOTOX?

BOTOX is the most widespread method of facing the wrinkles and ageing today.It is impressive that in 2005 in USA 3,3 million therapies of BOTOX were done.This is  16% more than 2004. BOTOX consists of a protein which is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.It is a non – surgical method for facing the wrinkles of face and neck in patients between ages 18 – 70 years old. Its therapeutical effect on improving the face wrinkles was discovered by accident because its initial use was for blepharospasm and neck stiffness. Patients with blepharospasm treated with BOTOX noticed an improvement of the wrinkles around their eyes and between their eyebrows.

How does the BOTOX act?

Its action is to inhibit the release of acetylocholin in neuromuscular junctions and thus it inhibits the transfer of the neural stimuli to the injected muscles.As a consequence, the wrinkles caused by the contraction of these muscles are improved.

Is the treatment painful?

Minimal doses of BOTOX are injected.The treatment lasts no more than 20 minutes and is relatively painless and absolutely acceptable by the patients.Rarely the application of an anaesthetic cream is required just before the treatment. The patient for a few hours after the treatment must not lie or rub the treated area in order to avoid the diffusion of the product in non – injectable areas.The patient must also avoid the exposure to a very hot environment for several days after the treatment.

Can BOTOX be combined with other therapies for face ageing?

It can be combined with the other therapies for face rejuvenation without any problems and after a very careful evaluation of the patient.These therapies include hyalouronic fillers or collagen,the invasive or non- invasive treatments with laser,the peelings and the surgical therapy ( lifting, blepharoplasty ).

How does the BOTOX help the patients with hyperhidrosis?

Another important use of BOTOX is the hyperhidrosis of axilla and palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis when it can not be faced effectively with topical creams or solutions.In many cases, hyperhidrosis causes serious social problems , such as cacosmia, inability of shaking of the hands or daily activities and clothes ‘ and shoes’ damage.BOTOX inhibits the release of acetylocholine which affects sweat production.The treatment is easy, fast  and is done with small injections.Its  duration is no more than 15 minutes,it relieves the patient from his problems and is repeated every 6 months.

Which are the contraindications of BOTOX?

BOTOX must not be applied in patients with hypersensitivity to the product or patients who suffer from serious neuromuscular diseases , such as myasthenia.It must be avoided in pregnant and suckling women.

How safe is BOTOX?

The adverse reactions are very rare and include little nausea,and topical phenomena such as localized pain or inflammation and small bruises on injectable areas.There is no blepharoptosis when the application is done by an expert dermatologist but even if this happens,  it can be reversed completely in a few days with a special collyrium. BOTOX has already approval  for cosmetologic reasons from FDA (Food and Drug Administration ) which is the biggest organization controlling the distribution of food and drugs worldwide.


What is hyalouronic acid?

Hyalouronic acis is a natural hydrophilic substance of the skin and its most important function is to accept and keep up water.It is often a product of biotechnology and is an extract of natural substances. As a natural product it does not cause allergies ( but only at very exceptional cases) or other adverse reactions when it is used in any form.It is a very good solution for lip enhancement, increase of the cheeks and lips volume and filling the deep wrinkles.

Which are the most important advantages of the therapy?

In contrast with the other fillers, hyalouronic acid is a non – animal product which practically means that there is no danger of disease contamination or allergic reaction to it.Additionally, the duration of this product is more than collagen or fat and the results are maintained from 8 to more than 12 months.

How is the therapy done?

You must avoid the use of aspirin,,vitamin E complements and other drugs because there is more possibility to bleed. The treatment is short.The doctor injects with a small needle the material inside the dermis and gives it the shape he wants.The material increases the volume under the wrinkles which are impressively improved.The skin becomes smoother.The material  fills the cheeks and the chin, gives the lost volume and the face becomes more round and symmetric.It gives volume to the lips, it corrects the shape of the face and these become more beautiful.

Is the therapy painful?

  There is a small pain during the session as a syringe is used.Before the session, an anaesthetic cream is applied or a topical anaesthetic is injected in order to relieve the disturbance.The treatment lasts no more than 20 minutes.

What do we expect after the therapy?

The results are immediately visible.The areas that are filled may  swell or become red but these phenomena last no more than 1-2 days.The results last more than 6 months, even more than a year.The improvement depends on the age of the patient,the skin type and the daily activities.Many patients choose to repeat the session before the results of the previous session fade away in order to maintain  a permanent improvement.

Who is the ideal candidate for the treatment?

The patient who has good psychological and physical health and who wants to improve his or her face, who has deep wrinkles,small lips and who lost the normal fat from his/her face.The patient who is realistic,who wants a younger and fresh appearance and who is properly informed for the result that has to expect.

What do we have to take care of before and after therapy?

  • Report to your doctor the allergies you have and the medicines you take
  • Follow your doctor’s advice about smoking, nutrition and the need for taking vitamins.
  • Avoid aspirin for 2 weeks before the treatment

Which are the adverse reactions of the treatment?

There are no severe adverse reactions on the face.Usually there is a small swelling and a redness but these fade away after 1-2 days.Rare cases of allergy to the material in a small percentage of population was reported.