Peelings or exfoliation with chemical or mechanical means ( dermabrasion or peelings with crystals ) are defined as the application on the skin of one or more exfoliating agents resulting in the destruction of a part of the skin and then its reconstruction with new tissue.There are superficial, moderate and deep peelings.


They are indicated in the following cases:

Fine lines and wrinkles

Acne and acne scars

Oily skin with big pores

Tired, dull, atonic skins

Post surgical scars or scars after chickenpox

Pigmentary changes

Actinic ceratoses


The procedures include:

Preparation of the skin for 1- 2 weeks before peeling with suitable creams

Application of peeling solutions ( fruit acids, salicylic acid, resorcinole, trichloroxic acid, pyrouvic acid etc ).

Use of anti – inflammatory, emollient and sun – protective creams for the following days

Cleansing and removal of the excess sebum with alcool and acetone

Finishing the peeling with vitiative solutions or water

The contraindications include:

Previous photosensitivity


Collagen diseases

Virus diseases ( herpes, warts )

Recent operation or actinotherapy or cryotherapy ( healing injuries )

Cheloids or hypertrophic scars

Use of isotretinoin ( within 6 months )

The adverse reactions are rare and include changes of colour of the skin, infections, allergic reactions, acne – form erruptions, erythema and scars.

The sessions are repeated monthly or every 3 months according to the intensity of the problem.

The dead and destroyed layers of the skin are replaced by healthier layers and finally the skin becomes thinner, healthier and more impressive.


We use an echo – spatula machine for the removal of the excess sebum, hydration and enhancement of the microcirculation of the face.Then we use the dermabrasion machine with aluminium oxide crystals ( ecopeel ) which achieves the same or even better results than chemical peelings.

Peelings achieve:

Rejuvenation of dull, dry and tough skin

Elimination of acne scars

Improvent of the oiliness of the skin

Deep cleansing of the skin ( peeling )

Elimination of pigmentary changes, macules and melasma

Immediate , light peeling

Improvement of chaps

Ecopeel is a machine for rejuvenation and slight removal of dead cells of the epidermis.

It is the only machine with 4 actions: thermal irritation of fibroplasts, powerful mechanical irritation, hyperhaemia and removal of dead cells.

There is no need to stay home and there is no erythema.

It removes the dirt, it opens the pores and improves the transpiration of the skin

It is a safe, painless, non – invasive, physical method, without chemicals, injuries and irritations and its intensity can be arranged.

The treatment is done weekly, monthly or every 3 months according to the problem.

Ecopeel promotes the production of collagen and elastin and so the rejuvenation of the skin.

High suction, thermal action, powerful kinetic energy of microcrystals and complete rejuvenation of the function and structures of the skin in depth

The above actions give a smoother, lighter, younger and fresh appearance of the epidermis with big elasticity and velvet touch.The skin accepts the cosmetic agents easier and better.

Patients come back home without irritation. Dead cells are removed like the pencil sharpener does.The skin becomes smooth and is hydrated.