Allergic Dermatitis Diagnosis

We use the ready patch test TRUE TEST.

This offers quick, and safe results in 47 substances easily,quickly, with credibility and safety. It is a ready test for the diagnosis of allergic dermatitis.

It consists of 3 patches which are applied on the back and removed after 48 hours. It also consists of a punch card with all the substances written on it.They have totally 24 points with substances or mixture of substances which are selected according to the international guidelines and they make up the 70% of substances that cause allergic reactions. Each patch ( panel )has a wet membrane that contains the substances.

Patches are removed in 48 hours and the patient is examined 24- 48 hours after the removal of the patches. Thus we can make decisions about the avoidance of the dangerous substances and we give the patient written the sources of the dangerous substances.