At the practice of the dermatologist Maria Vogiatzi, in Thessaloniki, Epilation with the use of Laser is performed rapidly, painlessly and permanently, offering a permanent relief from the unwanted body hair growth.

We use the ultramodern APOGEE ALEXANDRITE LASER of the CYNOSURE company.

The results are impressive after 3 – 4 treatment sessions every 3 months.

Contact immediately the practice of the dermatologist Maria Vogiatzi, to make an appointment for a highly effective Epilation treatment with the use of Laser.

The older methods of epilation such as shaving, clipping, wax, halaua, electrolysis, thermolysis, silkepil etc are time wasting, painful, not always effective and need repetition very often, because they do not offer permanent epilation. Additionally, they have a lot of complications such as scars, pigmentary changes, burns, folliculitis, allergic reactions etc. The investigation for new, more effective, permanent and with less adverse reactions methods led to the use of different types of lasers.

The action of lasers is based on selective photothermolysis.This means the special absorption of light of a specific wave length from the hair only.The aim is to destroy the hair without harming the surrounding tissues.Light is absorbed by the melanine of the hair only and is converted to heat.Thus hair is destroyed and can not grow again.

Everyone who has problems or worries or does not feel comfortable with his/her hair on any part of his/her body,face,trunk, limbs.

In the most cases it is painless. A few patients speak about a slight sence of nibble during the process.There is no need of anaesthesia because cooling devices that adapt on the laser machine and produce cold air are used.

With this method a lot of hair follicles are removed at the same time.Time depends on the area that is treated. The upper lip area is treated in no more than 2- 5 minutes but the treatment for the lower limbs can last in some cases more than an hour.

Hair growth is circular and consists of 3 phases: the anagenic phase (‘’ growth’’ phase ), the catagenic phase (‘’ silent’’ phase ) and the telogenic phase ( ‘’fall’’ phase). Laser kills the hair follicles when they are in anagenic phase ( most of the hair follicles are in this phase ). Consequently and usually 3- 5 sessions are needed with an interval of 1 – 3 months for a long term result.

  1. We have to avoid sun exposure at least 7 – 10 days before and 3- 4 days after therapy and use suncreams with high sun protecting factor.
  2. We have to avoid make – up on the day of the therapy.
  3. To the patients with chronic recurrent herpes special treatment is given for 5 days, starting 1 day before the session.
  4. The doctor is responsible for taking a good history from his/her patients. Patients must inform doctor about the drugs they take.The treatment is contraindicated in pregnant women, immunosuppressed and epileptic patients.
  5. Doctor and patient must wear protective glasses during the session.
  6. We must avoid scratching and injuring the treated area.

The patient can go home immediately after therapy. In a few cases a slight redness can appear and fades away in a few hours without treatment or with the help of topical creams. The adverse reactions of the older methods are very rare and happen only when laser epilation is done without taking medical history from the patients and when the use of laser machines is not done properly by specialized doctors.