Take care of your facial skin and you will have a radiant complexion which will put that self-confident smile back on your face. Beauty certainly comes from within, but it is up to us to look after it!


Body treatments with complete anti-aging and revitalising action. Banish cellulite, make your body a priority and then … shape your silhouette with the help of Cosmetic Dermatology.


Get rid of age spots, pigmented lesions and spider veins. Map your moles and defeat fungal infections. Learn about acne, and have laser treatment to help fight it.



Dermatologist Maria Voyatzi  has private dermatological practice from May 2006.It is at the most central position of Kalamaria ,above the National Bank.

She has much experience in classical and aesthetic Dermatology and Dermatosurgery.In the private practice, mycological check,dermoscopy and check for venereal diseases and skin diseases of children are carried out. In the field of aesthetic dermatology laser epilation, laser for telengiectasias of face and body, laser for rejuvenation and laser for cellulitis and tightening of the body are also carried out.

BOTOX applications for the wrinkles of the face and for the hyperhidrosis of axilla and palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis are also done. Hyalouronic acid fillers are applied for the filling of the face wrinkles and mesotherapy for hydration of face and body and for improving of the face wrinkles with coctails of vitamins and hyalouronic acid.Mesotherapy is also used for the body tightening  and cellulitis therapy.

In the field of Dermatosurgery,excision, cryosurgery and diathermy of many skin lesions such as nevi,warts,seborreic keratosis, papillomas, hemangiomas, condylomas and granulomas are carried out.


We are specialised in Laser applications, such as ALEXANDRITE CYNOSURE, to remove unwanted hair, age spots on the hands and most other pigmented lesions. Quickly, painlessly and forever!


The Laser CO2 and the Fractional Laser give excellent results in treating skin lesions. CO2 technology has been upgraded in the last decade. The main characteristic of modern CO2 is Ultrapulse operation.


Laser applications such as Lipolaser and Ecocell treat cellulite and lipolysis effectively. Be free of excess fat, and firm and tone your skin without surgical intervention!

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Frequently Asked Questions

BOTOX is the most widespread method of facing the wrinkles and ageing today.It is impressive that in 2005 in USA 3,3 million therapies of BOTOX were done.This is  16% more than 2004. BOTOX consists of a protein which is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.It is a non – surgical method for facing the wrinkles of face and neck in patients between ages 18 – 70 years old.Its therapeutical effect on improving the face wrinkles was discovered by accident because its initial use was for blepharospasm and neck stiffness.Patients with blepharospasm treated with BOTOX noticed an improvement of the wrinkles around their eyes and between their eyebrows.


Its action is to inhibit the release of acetylocholin in neuromuscular junctions and thus it inhibits the transfer of the neural stimuli to the injected muscles.As a consequence, the wrinkles caused by the contraction of these muscles are improved.


Minimal doses of BOTOX are injected.The treatment lasts no more than 20 minutes and is relatively painless and absolutely acceptable by the patients.Rarely the application of an anaesthetic cream is required just before the treatment. The patient for a few hours after the treatment must not lie or rub the treated area in order to avoid the diffusion of the product in non – injectable areas.The patient must also avoid the exposure to a very hot environment for several days after the treatment.


Hyalouronic acis is a natural hydrophilic substance of the skin and its most important function is to accept and keep up water.It is often a product of biotechnology and is an extract of natural substances. As a natural product it does not cause allergies ( but only at very exceptional cases) or other adverse reactions when it is used in any form.It is a very good solution for lip enhancement, increase of the cheeks and lips volume and filling the deep wrinkles.


You must avoid the use of aspirin,,vitamin E complements and other drugs because there is more possibility to bleed. The treatment is short.The doctor injects with a small needle the material inside the dermis and gives it the shape he wants.The material increases the volume under the wrinkles which are impressively improved.The skin becomes smoother.The material  fills the cheeks and the chin, gives the lost volume and the face becomes more round and symmetric.It gives volume to the lips, it corrects the shape of the face and these become more beautiful.


  There is a small pain during the session as a syringe is used.Before the session, an anaesthetic cream is applied or a topical anaesthetic is injected in order to relieve the disturbance.The treatment lasts no more than 20 minutes.


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